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Medical Solutions

SYS Technologies was established with the aim of saving as many lives as possible, in a condition in which healthcare workers can perform all duties in a safe, efficient and ideal environment in any setting. 

SYS Technologies has achieved this goal after numerous years of research and direct field-testing, through a continuous process of improvement alongside leading organizations in the field of international humanitarian and medical assistance. 

SYS Technologies continues to offer a wide range of solutions that address the need of providing clinically aseptic environments, which have already been used and successfully adopted by governments, NGOs, hospitals and research institutes all over the world.

All systems provided by SYS Technologies meet the highest quality standards and comply with international health and safety regulations. All products have undergone scrutinizing testing that permitted in attaining international certifications, which include EEC, ISO
14644, IES RP-Coo62, and NEBB. 

SYS Technology continues to aim at the advancing progress in the medical-humanitarian field, by providing customized solutions and developing and addressing the needs for each individual setting right down to the fine details. This efficient and individualized approach has permitted successful and close collaboration with numerous national and international humanitarian organizations, which include Doctors Without Borders, Caritas
Internationalis, Rainbow for Africa Onlus, the Civil Defense of Slovenia, the Civil Defense of Israel and many others.

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