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Clean = Safe

Hygiene has never been so important. Superbugs and pandemic viruses threaten our healthcare systems and our economies. Medical treatment and pharma production require controlled environments that are kept free from bio-contamination.

SYS Technologies has been working for over 10 years to perfect their unique clean environment systems for hospitals and medical centers. Our solutions use positive pressure to protect infected patients, and negative pressure to isolate sources of infection and protect everyone else. Healthcare organizations around the world rely on SYS Technologies to provide instant clean room solutions within existing hospitals, to add emergency isolation capacity, and to create new medical facilities where none exist. Whatever your need, you can rely on SYS Technologies to design, construct and install the clean environment that you require.

New Super-Clean Technology for Eliminating Infection

Superbug infections within hospitals, and the rigorous regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing, necessitate the creation of super-clean environments free from bio-contaminants within existing medical and pharma facilities. SYS Technologies has developed patented technology for the automatic management of air flows using smart sensors.

Our Futura™ dynamic air pressure systems are designed to create micro-environments around individual patients or machines without physical boundaries. They use sophisticated fans and filters to automatically adjust air flows in response to people entering or moving within the managed zone, or any external changes that affect the zone environment.

SYS Futura™ technology is already being used within particularly sensitive areas of hospitals, such as transplant units, and to create super-clean manufacturing facilities for the radioactive ingredients used in the production of cancer drugs.

Our life-saving Futura solutions include:

· Clean Rooms – isolation wards, ICUs, operating rooms, IVF laboratories and pharmacies, for the safe treatment of patients with infectious diseases.

· Pharma Production Facilities – fully compliant with GMP.

· Controlled Environments for Agriculture – for growing sensitive botanicals.

Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge

Healthcare systems around the world are struggling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and expand medical facilities at speed in challenging locations.

SYS Technologies specializes in building emergency medical facilities using unique clean room airflow technologies. We deliver clean environment modules that are efficient and high quality, yet simple to maintain, transport and operate. They have been successfully deployed and tested in the field around the globe.

Our expertise in positive and negative air pressure technology enables us to deliver flexible and customized solutions for bio-containment. We can supply and assemble portable contaminant-free facilities in just a few hours, helping medical teams to contain the virus and save thousands of lives.

Medi-T Solutions

Revolutionary portable systems that create sterile environments within minutes in emergency scenarios in outdoor environments. They utilize positive pressure systems to enable medics to perform life-saving procedures without fear of infection. Our stand-alone systems are modular or inflatable, designed for fast installation, and suitable for use in any outdoor or enclosed space.

Medi-T Positive Pressure Facilities keep all contaminants out of their clean environment by pumping in clean, filtered air, and keeping the air pressure inside higher than outside the facility. This protects all patients and staff from bio-contamination by creating a clean area within any non-sterile environment.

Our life-saving Medi-T solutions include:

· Intensive Care Units & Operating Rooms – constructed quickly using prefabricated modules wherever additional medical facilities are required.

· Emergency Field Hospital – clean environment constructed in contaminated area or crisis zone, for the safe and sterile treatment of large numbers of patients.

Iso-T Solutions

Portable isolation units designed for the quarantine and safe transportation of highly infectious and contagious patients. Negative pressure systems ensure that airborne contaminants (like the COVID-19 virus) cannot infect other people in the surrounding area.

Iso-T Negative Pressure Facilities keep contamination from escaping from its closed environment by filtering air out of the sealed space, and maintaining lower air pressure inside so that clean air flows in. All openings are completely sealed and any air that flows out is meticulously filtered. We can also install anti-bacterial water filtration and sewage treatment systems to protect the surrounding environment.

Our life-saving Iso-T biocontainment solutions include:

· Isolation Ward – sealed modular units constructed within existing hospital for patients with contagious diseases.

· Emergency COVID Ward – modular system used to build an isolation ward in any indoor space, with all ancillary services.

· Inflatable Isolation Unit – built from thermal materials to save energy.

· Inflatable Isolation Ward – 12-bed ward for infectious patients with all facilities

· Triage Buffer Unit – for the safe admission and treatment of infectious patients, completely self-contained and separate from existing hospital.

· Laboratory Facility –fully compliant instant testing facility (rigid / inflatable / modular options).

· Emergency COVID Hospital – constructed from prefabricated modules to create stand-alone isolation wards & ancillary facilities. (eg. creating 150 beds in 4 days).

Our Experience

SYS Technologies has built emergency medical cleanroom facilities in the Philippines, Brazzaville Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and around Israel. During the Ebola outbreak, we were employed by governmental organizations to help prevent the spread of the epidemic. We have worked with Medicins Sans Frontiers, Caritas and other international health organizations. Ask us for testimonials.

SYS Technologies is an established Israeli company with extensive emergency medicine and infrastructure expertise. We have developed turnkey solutions for indoor and portable clean environment systems, with applications ranging from emergency hospitals and medical centers to pharmaceutical facilities, intensive agriculture, and semi-conductor manufacturing.

Based on our extensive experience and partnerships with relevant suppliers, SYS Technologies can provide a full range of consulting expertise, customized clean rooms and emergency turnkey solutions to suit your needs and according to local regulations.

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